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Critical Component Wear In Heavy Duty Engines

RRP $340.99

The critical parts of a heavy duty engine are theoretically designed for infinite life without mechanical fatigue failure. Yet the life of an engine is in reality determined by wear of the critical parts. Even if an engine is designed and built to have normal wear life, abnormal wear takes place either due to special working conditions or increased loading. Understanding abnormal and normal wear enables the engineer to control the external conditions leading to premature wear, or to design the critical parts that have longer wear life and hence lower costs. The literature on wear phenomenon related to engines is scattered in numerous periodicals and books. For the first time, Lakshminarayanan and Nayak bring the tribological aspects of different critical engine components together in one volume, covering key components like the liner, piston, rings, valve, valve train and bearings, with methods to identify and quantify wear. <ul type="disc"> <li>The first book to combine solutions to critical component wear in one volume <li>Presents real world case studies with suitable mathematical models for earth movers, power generators, and sea going vessels <li>Includes material from researchers at Schaeffer Manufacturing (USA), Tekniker (Spain), Fuchs (Germany), BAM (Germany), Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd (India) and Tarabusi (Spain) <li>Wear simulations and calculations included in the appendices <li>Instructor presentations slides with book figures available from the companion site

<i>Critical Component Wear in Heavy Duty Engines</i> is aimed at postgraduates in automotive engineering, engine design, tribology, combustion and practitioners involved in engine R&amp;D for applications such as commercial vehicles, cars, stationary engines (for generators, pumps, etc.), boats and ships. This book is also a key reference for senior undergraduates looking to move onto advanced study in the above topics, consultants and product mangers in industry, as well as engineers involved in design of furnaces, gas turbines, and rocket combustion.

Companion website for the book: <a href="http://www.wiley.com/go/lakshmi">www.wiley.com/go/lakshmi</a>

Research Methods In Science And Engineering

RRP $219.99

Suitable as a text for first-year graduate students or senior undergraduates in any science or engineering discipline, this book focuses on the process of conducting research rather than on discipline-specific methods. The first half of the text focuses on the scientific method in practice. The second half of the text deals with skills and knowledge important to the research process, including statistical measures in research, ethics, and safety. Exercises and examples are provided throughout the text to guide both students and instructors.

Probabilistic Reliability Engineering

RRP $411.99

With the growing complexity of engineered systems, reliability has increased in importance throughout the twentieth century. Initially developed to meet practical needs, reliability theory has become an applied mathematical discipline that permits a priori evaluations of various reliability indices at the design stages. These evaluations help engineers choose an optimal system structure, improve methods of maintenance, and estimate the reliability on the basis of special testing. Probabilistic Reliability Engineering focuses on the creation of mathematical models for solving problems of system design.<br> <br> Broad and authoritative in its content, Probabilistic Reliability Engineering covers all mathematical models associated with probabilistic methods of reliability analysis, including--unique to this book--maintenance and cost analysis, as well as many new results of probabilistic testing.<br> <br> To provide readers with all necessary background material, this text incorporates a thorough review of the fundamentals of probability theory and the theory of stochastic processes. It offers clear and detailed treatment of reliability indices, the structure function, load-strength reliability models, distributions with monotone intensity functions, repairable systems, the Markov models, analysis of performance effectiveness, two-pole networks, optimal redundancy, optimal technical diagnosis, and heuristic methods in reliability. Throughout the text, an abundance of real world examples and case studies illustrate and illuminate the theoretical points under consideration.<br> <br> For engineers in design, operations research, and maintenance, as well as cost analysts and R&D managers, Probabilistic Reliability Engineering offers the most lucid, comprehensive treatment of the subject available anywhere.<br> <br> About the editor<br> <br> JAMES A. FALK is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Operations Research at George Washington University. In addition to his numerous publications, Dr. Falk has lectured internationally as a Fulbright Lecturer.<br> <br> Of related interest...<br> <br> The reliability-testing "bible" for three generations of Eastern European scientists, adapted for Western scientists and engineers...<br> <br> HANDBOOK OF RELIABILITY ENGINEERING<br> <br> Originally published in the USSR, Handbook of Reliability Engineering set the standard for the reliability testing of technical systems for nearly three generations of applied scientists and engineers. Authored by a group of prominent Soviet specialists in reliability, it provides professionals and students with a comprehensive reference covering mathematical formulas and techniques for incorporating reliability into engineering designs and testing procedures. Divided into twenty-four self-contained chapters, the Handbook details reliability fundamentals, examines common reliability problems and solutions, provides a collection of computation formulas, and illustrates practical applications.<br> <br> The Handbook's Russian editor and internationally recognized expert Igor A. Ushakov has joined with American engineering professionals to bring this indispensable resource to English-speaking engineers and scientists.<br> <br> 1994 (0-471-57173-3) 663 pp.

Doing Anthropological Research

RRP $275.99

Doing Anthropological Research provides a practical and methodological toolkit for carrying out research. It works through the research process chapter by chapter, from the planning and proposal stage to methodologies, ethical concerns, academic literature searches and reviews, and writing strategies. Case study examples are provided throughout to illustrate the particular issues and dilemmas that may be encountered. This handy guide will be invaluable to upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students who are studying or intending to use anthropological methods in their research.

Risk Analysis In Building Fire Safety Engineering

RRP $257.99

This book bridges the gap between risk assessment and fire safety engineering like few other resources.
As all required knowledge for Probability and Statistics for Fire Engineering is included in the preliminary chapters, the book is suitable for teaching Fire Engineering components in a wide range of engineering courses for senior graduates and for postgraduate students of Fire Engineering. It will also serve as a comprehensive reference for professionals.
This book describes the theory and the models involved in risk analysis, and includes case studies of multiple fire scenarios. Building fire safety and human behavioural responses to these scenarios show the benefits of risk-based fire safety design.
* Case studies and examples from across the world
* Applies probabilistic and stochastic models to fire initiation, fire growth, smoke spread and human behavior
* Co-written by a pioneering researcher in the field of building fire safety


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