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No Cost Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Many small businesses are run from people’s home computers and fall under the radar of business statistics. Whether you are working for a multi-level marketing company or selling painted bird houses the difficulty of advertising your products without a budget is overwhelming. Let us face the fact that $20 a month spent on classified advertisement isn’t going to bring in a flood of visitors. A home-based business cannot compete with their larger counterparts. That is why in many cases owners ........ Read More

In Business Think Small!

I have a friend who always seems to fail at every business opportunity he lays his hands. Do you know why? He thinks BIG! I mean really BIG! He never looks at any opportunity unless he can make huge sums of cash. What always ends up happening is that he never has the cash flow to manage the opportunity that he wants so much to come true. My main concern is that there are too many books in the market place that seduce people with large business ideas and impossible goals. Often it is better........ Read More

Small Business Organizations To Join

For the small business owner, keeping up with all of the available benefits can be difficult. In addition, how does one meet the requirements for a minimum number of employees in order to find good rates on insurance? Unlike the larger companies, it's not as simple as calling someone and knowing you qualify to participate. Many insurance plans require a minimum number of participants in order to offer group rates, so oftentimes the small business owner is left in the cold. This is the point w........ Read More

Blend Your Strengths With Small Business Needs

If you are looking to start a small business of your own, there is a proven process that is necessary to start off with. Many creative people have great business ideas, but their approach to planning is ineffective and eventually flops. First and foremost, you have to find a market that is a good size. Now what does this mean exactly? Finding a niche market that is a reasonable size entails pinpointing one that is big enough to make a profit but small enough for the resources of a small busine........ Read More

Linux Unix Options For Small Businesses

Linux/Unix is an alternate type of system that provides hosting for small businesses and companies that run Linux/Unix applications on their personal computers and laptops. The Linux/Unix-based platform is stable platform in the industry. The Linux operating system was developed by Linus Torvalds as an alternative to other operating systems. Most of its versions are free of costs. The most popular Linux software is Red Hat and Mandrake. Linux/Unix was only for professionals until ........ Read More

Skills Required To Run A Small Business

Would you like to run your own small business? Have you an idea for a small business but do not think that you could make it work? Are you bored of being an employee and yearn to become your own boss? Have you the required skills to run a small business? In this article I look at the type of skills that people need to possess to be able to successfully run a small business. My name is Stephen Hill and I have been running my own business for around nine years now. Previously I had been employed ........ Read More

Grant Money For Small Business

If you’re frustrated by the conflicting and inaccurate information you’ve found regarding grant money for a small business, then don’t worry. This article is your best source for the most accurate and up to date data. Read on and find out why! Many people today searching for small business grant money to start their own for profit business assume that grants are nothing more than “free money.” Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but small business grant money is hardly “free mo........ Read More

The Worst Small Business Financing Strategy Ever?

The Worst Small Business Financing Strategy Ever? Depending on whose stats you pay attention to, approximately 80% of small businesses fail within their first 5 years of operation. In many cases, its not that a particular business could not succeed; there just wasn't sufficient time to figure out how to succeed. Which brings us to the worst small business financing strategy ever. Here's how it work. The would be entrepreneur develops what they believe to be a sure fire business plan that c........ Read More

Rest Of Small Business Funding Know-how

Whether you're planning to launch a startup or want to expand your business, you are going to need money. Debt and equity financing are two different financial strategies you can opt for. Incurring debt entails borrowing money for your business, whereas gaining equity means injecting your own or other stakeholders’ cash into your company. Debt Financing Quite a few business owners are reluctant about borrowing from a financial institution, as it means cut in cash profits. But it c........ Read More

Best Bank Account For Small Business

Everybody in business needs a bank account. But all banks are not the same and some offer services that might suit your needs whilst others are not designed for your type of business. Banks love small businesses! This is why they have introductory offers like "free banking for the first two year." They know that if they catch an entrepreneur when s/he is starting in business for the first time, chances are that they have got a customer for life. If you are in business how do you choose the........ Read More

Five Steps To Create A Budget For Your Small Business

How I hate budgets! Every time an accountant told me to put together a budget for my company, my response was - “When I get the time I will!” I just never seem to get the time. For several years when I first started my company I never paid attention to a budget. I knew if I made money by looking at my financial statements and that was good enough for me. Also, every time I tried to put something together I never compared my actual financials to the budget numbers I created. Two years a........ Read More

Small Business Loan Trade-offs - Choosing The Best Rate

Most small business borrowers are understandably confused by all of the different interest rates for commercial loans. How does a small business borrower decide what is the "best" rate? Is it the lowest rate or is it more complicated than that? Commercial loan rates are indeed a source of confusion for most business owners. There are MANY variables in determining these rates, including the type of business, loan-to-value, length of loan, credit scores, how long rates will be fixed, stated inc........ Read More

When The Small Stuff Matters In Home-based Business

You've probably heard before that in order to reap the rewards of business success, you must work "on" your business, not "in" it. This is most certainly true ... within reason. Eighty to ninety percent of your time should be spent working strategically as opposed to tactically. It's important that your time and energy be focused on the BIG picture, the future of your business and your industry. It's easy to get bogged down with the tactical or daily processes that make up your strategic plan ........ Read More

Best Practices For Small Businesses

Small businesses can often be beaten out by larger competitors simply because they have better practices than small businesses. The good news is that there are a number of practices that can translate to small businesses. These strategies and tactics are some of the best-kept secrets and can make a business much more successful in the long run. The act of borrowing ideas from other companies is called “best practice benchmarking” and can lead to vast improvements in business structure ........ Read More

Small Business, Think Big

Running a small business is much harder than running a corporation. Surprising? Not if you're a small business entrepreneur. As a fledling business owner on a restricted budget you have to multi-task,juggle,prioritize and balance. Unlike corporations, you don't have a specialized professional team to help you manage, allowing you to focus on more critical business strategies. Neither do you have the capital to afford such luxuries.At best you have about twenty employees that you need to trai........ Read More


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